Have you noticed during pregnancy that your dental visits seem to increase? There is actually a good reason for that. During pregnancy you have a lot to worry about with appointments, purchases and preparations. One of the last things that you want to have to deal with is an emergency trip to the dentist. The first line of defense against tooth problems is to have a regular checkup and cleaning to be sure that if there are any issues they are taken care of quickly. Smile Reef has prepared this quick guide outlining what to expect from a visit with the dentist while pregnant.

Gingivitis Symptoms and Treatment

Gingivitis is one of the problems that can occur when pregnant. When a woman is pregnant the possibility that there is swelling is much higher. Gingivitis is swelling and tenderness in the gums and that can be from inflammation. There is not a lot that can be done to prevent this from happening but a dentist may recommend that more cleaning is done more often.

Prescription Drugs While Pregnant

Some dental work can wait for the baby to be delivered, but most problems need to be addressed and repaired before they become a much larger problem. Medication is often used either during or after dental work to ensure comfort and make sure that no infection sets in. The dentist can consult with the doctor on what kind of medications are okay for you to take.

X Ray Pregnancy Shirt Apron

If you come across an emergency dental problem that needs immediate attention, the dentist may need to complete an X-ray. Even if there is a chance of pregnancy the technician will cover the stomach area with a leaded apron that will help to minimize the effects of the radiation that is emitted by the machine itself. The amount of radiation is very low, but the apron will be applied regardless.

Pregnancy Tumor

Another problem that pregnant women may have to deal with is called a pregnancy tumor. Don’t be alarmed! They are harmless and are non-cancerous growths that usually show up between teeth and can be uncomfortable. If you notice any of these growths you can contact your dentist who should be able to remove them.

Baby’s First Dental Visit

Smile Reef specializes in patient comfort and we go above and beyond to make sure all our patients are comfortable and are taken care of. We believe that dental care should be started as early as possible. If you have any concerns about your dental care and you are pregnant we have experience and knowledge to answer all of your questions to assist in keeping you and your baby unharmed. And we look forward to baby’s first visit to the Smile Reef office in the first year they are born.

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