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Oral & IV Sedation Dentistry for Children in Las Vegas NV; Is Conscious Sedation Safe For Your Child?

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Going to the dentist can be difficult for anyone, but especially children. Children often don’t understand the intrusive procedures being done on them by a stranger in a mask. Some children could have a natural phobia to dentistry or other medical centers. Other children lack the attention span to allow dental treatments as well as others and some children have special needs. No matter the circumstance, there are solutions, and among them is having patients undergo sedation to complete their professional dental care. Conscious sedation is safe for your child!

Smile Reef relates the benefits of utilizing sedation dentistry for your children.

Sedation therapy is a safe and effective method to provide dental treatments for young ones that are overwhelmed and frightened of the prospect of visiting the dentist office.

There Are a Few Dental Sedation Techniques Dentists Use Including:

- Nitrous Oxide. This gas is inhaled just prior to dental treatments. Nitrous oxide is an odorless and tasteless gas that put children in a conscious sedation during their procedures. It is recommended for moderate dental phobias and is a stronger method than oral sedation. There are no lingering side effects, and the gas is worn off within a couple of hours.
- Intravenous Sedation. This method is geared for children with extreme dental phobias or for those in need of intensive dental treatments. Qualified staff members monitor heart rate, and blood pressure through the duration of the procedure and your child is always supervised. An IV imposes a benzodiazepine agent into the bloodstream just before treatment starts.
- Oral Sedatives. Oral sedatives are a prescription recommended for children with high anxiety. They are taken about 45 minutes before their appointment for routine checkups, or single cavity fillings. Children still may need a local anesthetic to avoid pain, and they are fully conscious and aware. The medication takes the edge off their anxiety to be in a relaxed state.

Below are Some of the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Your Child

1. Nitrous oxide not only sedates your child, but it also paralyzes the nerve endings relieving pain inflicted during dental procedures.
2. Sedation inadvertently blocks the memory of dental procedures. Over time your child may overcome their fears and will not have to endure sedation for dental treatments.
3. Children with sensitive gag reflexes can have a difficult time undergoing dental procedures. With sedation dentistry, the gag reflex is suppressed, and the dentist can use their tools efficiently. Your child will not be self conscious or embarrassed.
4. Behavioral or emotional disorders present a challenge to children, particularly those with special needs. Children can have a difficult time sitting still or allowing a dentist and their assistants to complete their work. The use of sedation dentistry can help children get the dentist care they need without undo hardships.
5. Sedation dentistry can allow the dentist to complete more dental procedures in the one visit, avoiding excessive appointments to the dentist.

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry & Dental Care in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada

At Smile Reef, we have a passion for children and dental care. We specialize in pediatric dentistry. When the circumstances are present, our expert staff members can consult with you on using sedation dentistry to help you and your child have a more pleasant dentist experience. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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Proper Tongue Posture & Face Positioning; How Should Your Tongue Rest in Your Mouth to Not Cause Crooked, Crowded Teeth?

Smile Reef

Did you know that the look of your face and the spacing or crowding of your teeth could have a lot to do with the way you swallow and rest your tongue and jaw? We are talking about your facial posture. Many people assume you look the way that you do due to genetics and that is a huge part of it. But some of the subtleties and issues with your teeth have to do with your facial and tongue posture. If you think about it, most babies look very similar but as they start to grow and learn to walk, crawl, talk and eat; they are shaping your body. That is when they start to look different and individualized. Facial meltdown is a term used to describe the changes that take place in your looks due to bad tongue and facial postures. Most of the time these problems present themselves as crooked and crowded teeth or poorly developed airways. By the time a child has lost their baby teeth and grown in adult teeth, these issues may become more apparent. They could require intervention by an orthodontist to correct the problem. A better solution is to know what facial posture is and what the optimal posture should be so that you can help your family and children before it becomes a problem. The first step is to be sure that your child’s teeth are well taken care of by a regular dental exam and cleaning at a trusted pediatric dentist’s office.

Smile Reef has a list of facial and tongue postures you can check with your children to make sure they are following good oral positioning habits.

How Do You Swallow? This is a big deal when it comes to the spacing and shape of your jaw and teeth. When you swallow food or a beverage, you should be able to do it in a very relaxed state. You should never be straining to do this and if you are, you could be heading towards damage to your teeth. To check if you are swallowing correctly you can place a finger on your chin and swallow. Did your muscles tighten? Did your chin move forward or back? If not, then you got it right!
Where Should Your Tongue Rest When Your Mouth is Closed? Your tongue is a giant muscle that is able to manipulate and move your teeth if given the chance. Your tongue has the ability to shift your teeth or bite and make it necessary to have some kind of corrective procedure. The best place for your tongue to rest is at the roof of your mouth and about a half inch away from your top teeth. You do not want it pushing on your teeth even in the slightest.
Does Your Mouth Hang Open a Lot? When you have stopped eating and are not talking to anyone, are you lips apart or sealed together? For optimal facial posture you want to have your lips closed for all other activities. Even if you are working out you want to use your nose to breathe not have your mouth open. This can lead to your face looking like it is droopy and will over time adjust your bite to either an underbite.

Smile Reef offers expert dental care for children in the Las Vegas Nevada area. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.

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