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Greatest Dental Flossing Benefits; Before or After Brushing? How to Teach your Kids to Properly Floss their Back Teeth

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Your child’s smile can brighten your day, so it is important to keep it as healthy and clean as possible. One area that most children struggle with when it comes to oral hygiene is regular flossing. Food gets lodged between your child’s teeth and if left there can cause a great deal of issues. Plaque and tartar can build up causing tooth decay and painful cavities. Flossing regularly will assist in avoiding cavities and keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong. Learning to floss appropriately while they are young will also benefit your child greatly when it comes to the overall oral hygiene throughout their life.

Best Time to Floss Morning or Night

Assist your child each night before bed time with their flossing and brushing. When flossing with your child, make sure they break off the appropriate length of floss and show them how to securely wrap it around their fingers so they can floss around their teeth effectively. Help them and show them to floss around every single tooth, even the hard to reach ones in the back. Flossing around every tooth will assist in removing bacteria that can lead to gum disease. Getting your child into the habit of flossing every night before bed is a giant step towards oral hygiene perfection.

Flossing Prevents Cavities Between Teeth

While brushing your teeth helps to prevent cavities and strengthens your teeth, and rinsing with mouth wash assists with bad breath and your mouth feeling fresh, nothing can replace the benefits of flossing your teeth at least once a day. One of the most favorite places for plaque to hide is between the teeth. Make sure you show your child how to floss around ALL sides of each tooth. If your child is only removing plaque from one side of their tooth, a cavity still has potential to form on the other side. Thorough flossing is essential to successful oral cleanliness.

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No one likes to go to the dentist and hear that they have a cavity, so by teaching your child to floss thoroughly and properly, you will ensure that each visit to the dentist is a happy one. When your child has the knowledge and skills it takes to floss their teeth effectively, it will lead to greater oral health and a more confident and shining smile. Take the time each night before bed time to assist your child in properly caring for their teeth. Not only will it show them that you care about their oral health, but it will benefit them for a life time!

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Importance of Flossing

Smile Reef

If you have been to the dentist lately (or ever), you know the dental hygienist will ask if you’ve been flossing regularly. Although most of us attempt to take good care of our teeth, flossing is almost always neglected when it comes to dental care. The dental hygienist reminding you to floss at a regular check-up is good, but developing a habit of flossing starts at a young age. Most people brush twice a day, but it is also essential to floss once a day and is best to floss before brushing the teeth. Without flossing, it is impossible to properly clean between teeth and under the gums.

Importance of Flossing for Children

As soon as your child has two teeth that touch, it is a good idea to start flossing their teeth so they cultivate the habit of flossing. Baby teeth have spaces between them initially, but by age three most children will have all of their primary teeth. Flossing helps to ensure they have optimal oral health and prevent cavities in baby teeth. Even though a child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out, primary teeth allow children to chew food and speak clearly. Even though children will not develop the coordination to floss on their own teeth for a few years, helping kids learn good dental care will give them with optimal dental health, help prevent other diseases and save
money on future medical costs.